Thursday, January 20, 2005


By the end of last year I had a handful of kids who drove me completely insane. I couldn't stand their asses. At the beginning of this year they came back to see me. None of the students who gave me cards or told me they loved me came to visit me. I was incredulous.
I thought it was fairly obvious that I had become extremely irritated with these little mofos and I thought they'd mirror my emotion. I mean, I'm was still nice to them but I think it's easy to tell when I'm fed up with someone. But no. They came streaming through the door in August. And they still come by--one of them drops in every day.
So today the kid who caused me to have a cussing policy dropped by. This kid invented cuss words that even I, sailor mouth and all, would not think of. Whenever he drops in he reminisces from last year (punctuated by shit and fuckin) and I secretly congratulate myself on how far I've come in controling my classroom. "Remember that time you called Dameon Daddy?" he laughed. I had forgotten that. Don't worry, there's a context. There was a kid, we'll call him Dameon, who was walking around the classroom as usual. I was telling him to sit down and I blanked on his name. In that second, the Cussing Master shouts out, "Daddy" and I accidently call Dameon Daddy. So really I said, "Sit down Daddy." Fifteen yr olds find that funny. I blushed and hoped no one would repeat the command out of context to their parents.
The good thing about these boys coming back around is that I've grown to appreciate them again. Or maybe I just like them because they like me. Or maybe I like them because I don't have them in my class anymore. They're all still failing and skipping except for the Cussing Master, who seems to have pulled himself together.


Blogger posthipchick said...

our teaching experience sounds very similar.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Pigs said...

Wonderful! You're a teacher! In that case, you must come visit more often, we can share stories. I see that you are in the land of the...less suburban. Sometimes I miss those days, but then I remember there are just as many problems, they are just of a different nature.
As for the clock, just click on it and it will go to the website. :o)

8:28 PM  

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