Thursday, January 20, 2005

good cop, bad cop

teaching and introspection go hand-in-hand for me. one realization i've come to is that i don't like to be the bad guy and i want everyone to like me. it's really hard for me to be the disciplinarian unless i'm completely fed up. but consistency is the key to discipline. i know i'll thank myself down the semester road and i have to remind myself that when i'm snatching up notes, cd players, insisting on quiet while individual instruction is going on, or assigning detention to those who can't shut up. i'm feeling way better about the bathroom and water thing though because i've lost sympathy when they just "have to pee." i say, finish your work and then you may use the restroom. it's amazing how fast someone can work when they really have to go.


Blogger la maestra said...

i use the "finish your work, THEN you can use the bathroom" rule too. unless they're jumping up and down and holding their crotch, it ain't no emergency. and speaking of verbal slips, my kids probably think i'm the world's biggest tool because i keep confusing "ojo" and "oso" when i speak quickly (that's "eye" and "bear", respectively).

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