Monday, January 17, 2005

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Friday I stayed at the school until six organizing and polishing. My friend N came and helped me, a godsend for sure (and also an organizational baddass). She's an elementary school teacher and made my word wall look delicious. There's no way I even pretend that I wrote those words, created those beautiful letters. They sing to you across the classroom. My kids are going to make fun of me but I have the prettiest Word Wall in town and I really don't care if those words were imported.

It's Monday and I've calmed down. I'm going to a coffee shop to drink tea and think about my lessons. Tea you say? Yes, dear friends, I'm drinking tea because I'm losing my voice. I think it's the cedar (damn the cedar trees!) and my voice has taken on that manish, groggy tone. But hey, every teacher wants her voice to go before the big wigs walk through. I'm thinking of shooting myself in the foot just to complete the picture of Totally Pathetic, Yet Capable, Teacher.

Over the weekend I thought about how tough I am on myself. I want to be a Good Teacher and I work so hard and care so much. I know there are several ways of defining Good Teacher, so here are my defining features:
-Organization (at least to some degree)

So whatev! It's my second year and I'm doing the best I can! And hopefully this pep talk and my extensive use of exclamation points will send me on my way! To the coffee shop! To drink and get my voice back!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, what's a word wall?

6:03 PM  
Blogger la maestra said...

congrats on kicking ass on your walk-through! i had no doubt that you would knock their socks off (although i definitely think the word wall kicked it up another notch =P). shall we celebrate with margaritas or tea?

2:08 PM  

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