Tuesday, January 18, 2005


So, the observation went well. So well, in fact, that they want me to do some workshop in the fall for the district. We'll see if that pans out; I'm not going to hold my breath.
My kids were really good. My first period has always been awe-inspiring because I've got lots of trouble makers in the there, including kids who get kicked out of their other classes. It's a nice compliment to my relationship-building skills and clear expectations (aka rules) that they come in and, for the most part, do their work. I've had one badboy in particular exclaim that "you better feel lucky cuz this is the only class I don't skip or cuss out the teacher." I was floored with gratitude, really. Honestly, I secretly believe that these kids are too tired from their long night of pimping and drinking to be god-awful.
This morning I was nervous because my first period has been edging toward dereliction in response to my stepping up the rigor. They absolutely abhor primary source documents because they actually have to think to get through them. Plus, there's the whole ancient vocabulary issue. But that's a tangent. The other day the same kid who always told me how much he liked my class threw down his pencil and said "Man I used to like this class but this sucks now. I hate this class now." Last year, hell last semester, I would have taken that statement personally. This time I thought, "Fuck. He better not start acting like an ass. He'll through the whole class into rebellion." Am I becoming a cold, unfeeling dictator?
I digress.
I think my kids felt sorry for me this morning. They could tell that I was wired pretty tight. I told them we'd have some visitors and I knew that they'd be on their best behavior. And they were. They answered questions like it was their ticket to heaven. They were all on task for every second of the period. They looked inquisitive and like they were actually learning.
Of course, I did offer to bring candy for those who participated. And one of my particularly volatile students exclaimed, "Ms., you better bring me candy. Because I've been wanting to smack Bryan for making all those wierd noises all period but I've held back. Just for you." Precious angel.


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