Friday, January 14, 2005

take a deep breath

i'm so stressed out right now i can barely breathe. i've been super busy lately (and thus no posts) but that's not the problem. i just found out today that i will be observed through a learning walk by all of the department chairs, my principal, and the big wigs downtown, ie., the coordinators for social studies. normally you get a weeks notice but the geography teachers have that period off so now i'm in the loop. with a day's notice. so why the hell am i blogging instead of running around frantically? i think i'm trying to get my bearings before i try to fix up my very messy classroom and change my lesson plans. did i mention that they're coming for my lowest class, filled with thug lifers and sped kids? now, these are my fave kids and i don't mean to speak derrogatorily about them (yes, i just invented a new word. no, i don't care). but you know those big wiggers and thug lifers don't mix. and i can't talk as colloquially with my kids (i don't cuss but i have been known to call an occasional person a gansta or pimp, or hardcore. hey, it gets their attention and yes i understand the implications and power behind these words). and we're covering the enlightenment which is tough stuff for them. did i mention that i hate learning walks? that they are super intrusive and make me and the kids nervous? i probably shouldn't even be blogging about this. fuck it. i'm out.


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