Thursday, February 10, 2005

An Announcement

Mardi Gras is a pain in my ass. I'd forgotten about this from last year. Maybe I just blocked it out.

I live in an urban area and thus there is a large downtown where people party. Which apparently includes my students. On Tuesday (Fat Tuesday), 40 of my students received tickets and one of my darlings decided to punch a cop and was thrown in jail. This prompted a mini-lecture from Yours Truly about the futility of screaming, fighting, or sarcasm when involved in a discussion with a police man. Yes, he will pat you down. You're 15 and it's 1 am downtown. He's going through your pockets because he's looking for drugs. So don't bring joints downtown (the D.A.R.E. speech embodies the meaning of futility). Be polite. I don't get into the politics of the popo and civil liberties. That's saved for my sociology class and the deviance chapter. But anyway, I learned a new word: faded.

Back to the classroom. The reason Mardi Gras is annoying is because they won't shut the hell up about it. Inappropriate comments circulate my room. Sexual tension and anxiety permeates my lessons like never before. It's gross.

And the beads. Beads are a sign of pimpness. Sharing the beads is for the weak. Stealing the beads will get you beat. I now hate beads. I hate the flashing medallions and the bright ugly colors. I hate it when they break and roll across my floor. I hate the status associated with those filthy plastic things.

I've never been a Mardi Gras goer. It was just there. Now it's here. A pain. In my ass.


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you think your best mardi gras anecdote is too questionable for the sweet lil' internet? =P

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