Tuesday, February 15, 2005


everyone around me has been assaulted with this crazy respiratory virus or the full-blown flu. being a hyperchondriac, this is my nightmare. my hands are cracking from repeated washing. my house smells like lysol. my classroom will soon smell like lysol (after a trip to the grocery store). and i'm going to post a sign that says COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH. for god's sake people.

and all this deepens my february funk. i mean, i'm down in the trenches people. i have no patience at this point, and i can turn from a really cheery teacher to a nasty, sarcastic wench in a few seconds. oddly, my first period was terrible this morning and my fourth period was great. it's normally the reverse. in first period there's this kid who's come back to class and he's driving me insane. and i know it's partly my fault because i'm really worn down right now and i don't have the energy to redirect and correct him. and some days i'd rather talk about pop culture than stupid history. and i love history! as you can see, i'm funktified.

just for kicks, let me relay a conversation i had today. i have these conversations all the time, but i'm irritable today and it got under my skin.

Whiney Student: Ms, am I missing anything?
MH: You seem to be missing the section reviews from last Thursday.
WS: What's that?
MH: That was the assignment when you had a sub. Last Thursday. Were you here that day?
WS: Yes. I think I was. What was it?
MH: It was Chapter 4, sections 2 and 3 review.
WS: What is that?
MH: You know, the review at the end of the section.
WS: Huh?
MH: The review. The questions at the end of the section. Located in Chapter 4. Section 2. and then section 3.
WS: Wait, what does it look like?
okay, really I said this:
MH: You know how each section ends with a few review questions? It was that. Go look in the book.
(student walks over to book)
WS: Oh, wait. I think I was absent on Thursday.

it's not like this child has never seen a review before. i mean, it's a review. a section review. this is not novel.
on a lighter note, my fourth period was cracking me up today. ever since i hurt my foot they've really been nagging me to go to the doctor. on friday they told me i'll need surgery and possibly get gangrene if i don't go. i checked on the possible surgery. they were scaring me on that one. i'm pretty gullible and it's like those flying alien ship jokes from junior high are back. only this time they sort of crack me up.


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Hee hee hee. I think I had that same conversation today.

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