Tuesday, February 08, 2005

coping mechanisms

all day kids stream in and out of my room. i don't get a second alone. is it me, or are they getting needier? my grading is piling up. i've got my hands in too many pots. i'm emotionally exhausted. i'm physically exhausted. to find sanity i:

1. Rekindle my love for Badly Drawn Boy. I'd put a fancy picture on this blog but I can't figure out how to do it.
2. Consume a monumental amount of chocolate. My intake is amazing.
3. Refuse to grade after 9 00 pm.
4. Stare out the window. Think about the career I should have had as a Fly Girl.
5. Stroke my cats. Talk to my cats. Wish I were a cat.
6. Imitate my students. Create facial expressions and gestures to go along with the voices.
7. Procrastinate by blogging and reading blogs. It's sad, really.


Blogger la maestra said...

mental health day baby! get your ass ready for some HARDCORE LATIN FUNK! (and i'll even the designated driver!)

9:51 PM  

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