Tuesday, February 22, 2005

note to self

i was talking to a blogger friend who remarked that she has no memory and her blog helps her remember how she feels throughout the year. and i remembered one reason i originally started this blog, to record my experiences and share them with my friends (and concerned citizens :). SO, in my own self-interest i will proceed:

it's mid feb. and here are some definite changes that will be made next year:

1. i instituted folder checks this year. folders as in a spiral notebook. but next year i want them to be ringed. because the kids are losing hand-outs i give them. also, i'm debating whether i should let the kids keep their journals in class. i know i need to teach them responsibility (did you all enjoy that round of laughter?) but man. 50% will bring them everyday. at most.

2. maps. i want more maps in my class. maps and outlines. i need more structure. i've begun to give my kids more maps this semester, but they're losing them. refer to number 1. also, keep up the mental mapping as a medium for note taking.

3. journal entries. these are lots of work and i didn't do them this year. but i kind of miss them. it was a really sly, manipulative way to get kids to think about character and their life as a whole. journal entries created great discussions. and got them writing, which they absolutely abhor!

blah. i need some direction. i want to throw everything out and start fresh. i'm never satisfied! or am i a glutton for punishment?


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