Wednesday, February 16, 2005

test this ****!

we had the mandatory hour-long "training" over how to give a test. THE test. the test we're all teaching to (and swearing we're not). apparently this year we are not allowed to let the kids talk, even if everyone has finished their test. our testing period is 4 hours long. we're stuck in a room circulating kids we don't know (it's all by alpha order) and ensuring that not a peep is uttered. let's all enjoy a good laugh. AHAHAHA. and maybe a tear?
also, cell phones are considered an irregularity. if one so much as rings we're required to report it to Downtown (which a fellow teacher calls the Taj Mahal). cell phones are not allowed at my school but the kids have them. the management of the "no cell phone policy" has been shitty. it's a lost cause. so, i'm supposed to trust that 30-something kids of whom i have no relationship with will turn off their phones so my ass doesn't get jumped when i call downtown to report an irregularity? fuck that. i'm going to instruct my kids to take out their phones. examine the phone. caress the phone. then stick the phone on the edge of the desk. and turn it off. i don't care if the phone is visible. i just don't want the damn thing ringing. because of the irregularity.

i think testing is an irregularity.


Blogger Pigs said...

IN elementary our testing is from 8:30 am - until! Until! Like a party! We have kids stay past 5 every year. It's ridiculous. I went to the same meeting yesterday. Argh.

6:40 PM  

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