Saturday, February 12, 2005


after i spoke with eddie's oh-so-charming step-dad, i was hoping he'd come to class. i kind of thought (from experiences last year) it wouldn't make much of a difference, but i had hope in my heart. alas, eddie has not come back to class.

i saw eddie in the hall on friday. "eddie!" i exclaimed. and then suddenly it hit me. i've been going about this all wrong. eddie is oppositional deviant. so why bug him to come to class? i've earned a reputation of being slightly crazy (madhatterish), so hey, why not embrace my stereotype?
"ohmigosh. eddie. i've been going about this all wrong. i know this now."
"what, ms?"
"you're going to do the opposite of what i tell you to do. it's like a perpetual Opposite Day. sooo, eddie. please don't come to class. please."
eddie's eyes widen and he looks at me as though i've got a few screws loose.
"huh?" he says.
"i mean, eddie, whatever you do: do not come to class. please do not help yourself, or your grade for that matter. please. i beg of you. do not come to class. walk the halls! skip!" i exclaimed.
eddie began to laugh. "ms., you are crazy."

no, i'm desperate.


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