Sunday, March 20, 2005

diving into the wreck...

so okay, i feel better about not thinking about my kids. i'm throwing out my grandiose and unrealistic notions of a perfect teacher. i will not try to live up to something i can never achieve.

tonight i've discovered one downside to spring break: changed sleep patterns. it's 12 25 and i have to get up at 6 30 and my body is ready to party rather than sleep. i've been going to bed at 2 and 3 am for the past week and sleeping until 11. just like the good ol days.

BUT... i realized that the reason i'm so frusterated with my kids right now is that i hate the lack of rigor in my classroom and i feel like i'm regurgitating information like a mother bird to it's young and although i know they understand the content i don't think they are developing critical thinking skills, or thinking skills at all for that matter, and i'm determined to figure out how to push their limits instead of watching them get by with their veggie mind state... now that was a run on sentence and i loved it...

everyone in the house is sleeping but me.


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