Tuesday, March 22, 2005

He aint a playa he just crush a lot...

The wierd thing about the kid who makes inappropriate advances is that he's this boygenius who is apparently silent in other classes. In fact, one day the kids in my class ganged up on him, saying "CrushAlot, you aren't like this in any other classes. Why are you acting like this in here?" So I decided to speak with CrushAlot about his lack of respect for me. I basically explained that I felt he didn't respect my position as a teacher and I used the old manipulation line, "Have I done something to offend you?" This line always works for me. Seriously fool proof (if you have good relationships with your kids). We talked and then, THEN, he says, "Nah but, wait, you can't say that if I met you on the street you wouldn't hang out with me. You know we would." My eyes got really big and my face began to contort and I said, rather exasperately, "CRUSHALOT, I would not hang out with you. You are 17. I am 25. That may not seem like much of a difference to you, but it's a huge difference. I hang out with people my age and older. I'm sorry. You're a great kid but you are a kid. Not to mention, my student."

It's a dilema that I've thought a lot about because I keep wondering, Is it something I'm doing? I'm young and I look very young. I'm 5'4, I joke around with my students, I understand lots of their lingo, I listen to hip hop (see Mr. Babylon for a great blog about this)... My point is that I am a boundary disaster. But I'm very careful about boundaries with my kids. I don't really touch them except an occasional hand shake or hand on the shoulder--even that is rare-- I don't talk about inappropriate things with them, and I really don't share my personal life. These are my boundaries that I've created within my classroom. It's not that I'm a cold person. I just know that I must set up boundaries or they'll see me as a peer instead of a teacher.

Anyway, I finally decided to go the Asst. Principal, just to let him know what was going on. I didn't want rumors circulating that I'm Mary Kay Laturno or something. He howled with laughter and very sweetly advised that CrushAlot has a crush on Yours Truly. Which wasn't mind-blowing because it's normal for teenage boys (and girls), but what gets me about CrushAlot is that he's so audacious with his come-ons. It's bizarre that he thinks he has a chance.


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