Monday, March 21, 2005

i'm too tired to title this...

funny thing that schedule change. i ended up falling asleep around 3 30 and got up at 6 30. yes people. that's THREE HOURS OF FREAKING SLEEP. not okay.

however, i was happily surprised to feel excited about being back in the classroom. maybe excited isn't the word... i'd say i felt a warm familiarity and congeniality with my students. and my first period lecture about imperialism was ON POINT! talk about engaging. love the opium war and boxer rebellion. of course, the moment i said opium my student's eyebrows waggled and when i mentioned the family of drugs associated with opium, well, they were ecstatic. "finally!" one notorious druggie exclaimed, "it's okay to talk about drugs!"

whew. that's about all i can ramble on about. i'm exhausted.


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