Wednesday, March 23, 2005

not a joke

i have to share this story. one of my veteran co-workers told me about the time a counselor sent her a note regarding a student that went something like this:

Sally will be shortly entering your class. Sally has multiple personality disorder, with nine personalities total. Some of her personalities are volatile and there is a chance she will attack you. For example, should Yolanda come to class you need to roll on the floor, stick your hands up, and say, "You win! You win!"

the letter went on to describe her other personalities. needless to say, my co-worker expressed her discomfort working with a student where there was a high possibility of the student attacking the teacher. not to mention the dramatic solution to the problem. what a funny story.


Blogger Pigs said...

You know, I've experienced parents with that problem, but no one's ever put a child in my room with that! Interesting...

7:09 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

A lot of psychologist don't buy the theory of multiple personalities. They general consensus is that the patient is using the different personalities as a coping mechanism. For example, this is why many adults have a personality of a child in their repitoire. Interesting. Furthermore, they also claim that technically everyone could be diagnosed with this - on some days you are cranky on others you're energetic, etc. Just thought it was interesting :-)

3:36 PM  

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