Monday, May 09, 2005

freaked out

a contar has freaked me out. she included information about a woman who lost her job from blogging. i'm a little paranoid in general and now i'm going to have a meltdown. then again, my blog is not as "expressive" and "detailed" as the dooced blogger.
originally i began blogging because i wanted to vent about the classroom and share my experiences. i also wanted to gain advice from other teachers, whether experienced or new. i chose the name Madhatter because my kids constantly remark on how "crazy" i am and i'm a very fast paced person with a bit of ADD. i'd like to mention that i did not choose my name because i'm high on drugs (apparently the madhatter was based on the maxim "mad as a hatter," because hat makers went mad from the mercury involved in the hat making process).

i'm rambling because i'm nervous. i'm freaking out via the internet. what's a blogger to do?


Blogger Polski3 said...

Don't blog from work. Just blog at home. Don't use work computer for anything except checking school email and word processing. It is not worth the wrath of the techie spies reporting that you may be going to 'forbidden' websites, seem to be online alot when class is in session, etc.

just after our school got wired, one of the older history teachers told his classes that he'd heard the Presidents Daily Schedule was posted on the White House website. He apparently did not know about .gov or .net, etc. He typed in for the white house, but used .com. To the delight of his kids (8th Graders), up came a porno website.

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