Wednesday, May 25, 2005

i'll whine, you dine.

i had a sad thought today. i thought about last year's final day and how happy and hopeful i was for the summer. it seems like my job is the constant and everything else comes together then falls apart around it. scary.
i also realized today, fifteen minutes before my doctor appointment, that my four page check list includes about 10 pages of reading that explicitly stressed my grades were due by 4 pm. fuck. i guess i should have read the ten pages. so there i was, standing on one foot (the other is in a caste), skimming this horrendous packet and calling my doctor's office to cancel. i spent hours figuring out the logistics of the list and i'll return for more grandiose pleasure tomorrow. plus, i have to move shit in my room and i really only have one good foot. this is when living in the same city as your parents comes in handy. can i say mom? yes i can.
on another note, i had a little run in while attempting to habla en espanol. i have lots of native speakers in my fourth period class and i was attempting to speak spanish while grading their finals. at one point i said, "oh ricardo, este pagina es muy mal." he jumped up and said, "ms., you just said something dirty." "no i didn't," i said, shaking my head. "i said this pagina, like this page, es muy mal, is bad. you know, because you missed 10 out of 12." he began to laugh nervously and then told his friends what i said. "no ms!" another boy corrected. "you must accent the a because that's something else if you don't. you know, it has to do with a woman." let's keep in mind that vs are pronounced softly like bs and then throw in my crappy pronunciation so that the p actually sounded like a b, or...yes, a v. two of my bilingual girls giggled and giggled. "oh," i said. "next time i'll just use the word page."


Blogger Pigs said...

Ha ha~ That cracked me up! Thanks for the giggle.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Polski3 said...

I use my "Spanish" to torture my students..... And sometimes, we teachers do find out that they DO listen to us....:-)

7:35 PM  

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