Tuesday, May 24, 2005

keep on keepin on

::warm fuzzies::

today my kids and i sat around after finals just shootin the shit. i talked with one senior who's particularly interesting. she's from east la and has a different perspective on life, to say the least. then one girl announced she's getting a breast reduction and the small group of girls and i launched in to girl talk. i'm always reluctant to cross boundaries with my kids (more like paranoid) and i'm not a teacher who talks about her personal life with her students. i remember in high school we had this teacher who cried daily about her ex-husband so we consoled her and got out of learning spanish. we were elated. with my new single status and a particularly painful breakup, i understand the desire to cry in class. sometimes the personal just wants to spill over into the professional. i've cried once this year and i couldn't believe it. i'm usually pretty good at holdin it in, thank you very much. anyway, i had a good time shootin the shit with my kids today.

on another note, my fucking world history kids are failing their fucking final. i'm super irritated by this because these little mofos were given a final review very similar to the final exam. and i mean, very fucking similar. so there is no excuse for my final grades of 29 and 35. so next year i'm not giving a final review that's similar to the test. if they are going to fail, i might as well hold the class up to my standards. i have to pass them anyway. because this is the Age of Enablement.

summer school starts in a week. i worked on curriculum for the district and i have to present it. i hate presenting to teachers. they are the worst students, myself included.


Blogger Megan said...

I'm happy to hear the end of the school year is turning out pretty well, minus the World History final fiasco. I think it's great to remain professional in class, but I see nothing wrong with being a little more personable with the kids, especially at the end of the year like this. You sound like an awesome teacher.

I, too, have been working on curriculum for the district. Presenting it is the worst part, but it'll get you good brownie points!

Glad you'll be around with me this summer. :)

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