Sunday, May 01, 2005

pass me the gatorade.

i have to lesson plan and all i want to do is barf. i'm hung over. and i really don't care about WWII. i remember this routine from last year: finish lesson planning before you get drunk so that you don't have to plan while hung over. blah. blegh.

i wish i could figure out how to paste pictures on an actual post without using flicker. i can't even figure out how to post small pictures on the sides. sad, huh.


Blogger Polski3 said...

Plan lessons while hung over....EASY! Try two teachers killing a fifth of Don Jose's or some rot-gut cheap tequila (making margaritas) half the evening, then going to teach hung over the next morning. And one of these teachers, (not me), teaching Ag. Shop classes. My day was better than his.... Yes, teaching CAN be a challenge ! ;-)

10:27 AM  
Blogger Pigs said...

To do the pictures, I downloaded Hello. I think it's on the Blogger main page thingie. It's pretty me if you want help. If I can figure it out, I bet you can too. :o)

6:49 PM  

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