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I just found out that I'm teaching American History next year. I'm super excited for three reasons:

1). American history gets into the nitty gritty. It's more comprehensive than World History because World History has too much content squeezed into a small time bracket.

2). I love social history. I love how economics and politics affect society. I want students to view their country's history objectively and analyze right and wrong, idealism vs. realism, etc.

3). I like essays, political cartoons, and poetry. Which are easier to incorporate into American History.

"You're going to be under the watchful eye now, MH," a colleague told me. "They really watch juniors because of TAKS." I was initially petrified of teaching American History for this reason. But then I realized, hey, I can do this. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be stupendous but I've only been teaching for two years. And I've gotten great reviews from my department chair and my principal. It seems to me that the third person who needs to believe in me is...myself.

::The violin sings in the background. Oprah cries::

Tomorrow I begin the two days of staff development for summer school. What can we possibly talk about for two days? It's summer school.


Blogger dan said...

Congrats! I first taught US History about five years ago. After a two year hiatus, I am just finishing up another year of it. I'm disappointed that I'll be back to all world history next (though most will be AP World). Enjoy it and good luck.

8:18 PM  

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