Monday, June 20, 2005



these are vocabulary words my students learned today. they are 15 and 16. these kids are not passing history because they have absolutely no vocabulary or history skills. they can't read charts and they can't define meadow. next year, i think my students might write vocab sentences. it sounds elementary but their vocab is so low i feel this is the only way to ensure they learn related vocabulary. they can't understand the content until they know the words that construct it. nor are they passing the standardized tests that are saturated in difficult vocabulary.


Blogger Polski3 said...

Something I have done is to make a daily geography vocabulary term part of or the daily opener activity. Tiny quiz over the weeks geog. vocab. each friday, extra credit for drawing or finding a picture of the geographic vocabulary term or concept and having the definition on the same page as the picture. Those few who have done this on a regular basis end up with a cool illustrated geographic dictionary at the end of the year. Many pictures from old national geographic mags, smithsonian mags etc.

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Blogger Mary said...

When I first started teaching last year, I had my kids practicing spelling - in the 8th grade. Talk about basic. But after seeing their work, what else can you do?

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