Saturday, June 11, 2005


I fear my blog will become boring. This isn't as bad a thing for me as it is for you. My blog might get a little snoozy (or more you say?!) and a little more technical because I'm on a natural high up in Teacherland. Summer school is very easy. I mean, it drags on a bit, but there are some very positive aspects to it. I've numbered them for you.
1). The class size. I have 15 students. This is 1/2 my average-sized class. I can give much more individual attention and I don't get overwhelmed.
2). The more attention I give, the more the kids thrive. I'm very upfront and ask them how they got to summer school. I assure them no judgment and they receive none. I explained my inquiry by stating "whatever you're doing isn't working and we need to find a new game plan." Most of my kids are avid skippers. One is a complete slacker (Slacker2005), while about four of my kids are really low level. And 13 out of 15 have terrible social studies skills. Essential ones at that--like map reading and chart/graph comprehension. The curriculum is bland and we add flavor by talking about trains, rappers, and their life choices.
3). Much to my pleasure, my kids keep announcing that they like the projects more (which I added to the curriculum) and that they've learned more in my summer school class than in their regular classes. If they're sucking up, they're pretty fucking good at it. But I honestly don't think they are. One kid laughingly admitted he got referrals all year because he hated his teacher. He's an angel in my class, whether due to teacher preference or the rigidity of summer school discipline. Either one is fine with me.

I personally like a good read about disaster, hilarity, or some good advice. I have none of these to offer. I could drone on about little technicalities of my classroom, and I probably will. Or perhaps I'll write my thoughts about race, class, and/or gender in the classroom. But wait...right now I'm mentally sipping a margarita on a Caribbean Island and basking in the ease and productiveness that is Summer School.


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