Saturday, June 11, 2005

it passed

I found this blog entry from November of my first year. This was one of my many freak-outs, which should have been subtitled "Why do I love this job so much?" I remember I felt pressure because everyone I knew seemed to be in graduate school and leading quite different lives.

"500 bucks for the moldy coffee. That's my final offer."

today i suffered through an attack of the mid-twenties and proceeded to surf the web to see what i should actually be doing with my life. here i am working nine to five (i wish) and out there are people with beautiful blogs and lives that are rich with culture and intellectualism and events. they actually read and write and publish stuff. what am i doing with my time? or, i could join a non-profit, some sort of social, environmental, or cultural justice program. but i honestly feel like i run my own little non-profit straight from my classroom. my kids talk to me when they're scared and pregnant, when they want to drop out, when they don't know where else to go. and i appreciate the non-hallmark moments when they're bugging me to eat something gross for a dollar, asking me about college, imitating dave chappell, or assuring me i'm going to love the ying yang twins. so really, i have to sit back and remind myself that i'm merely enduring a case of the twenties and this too shall pass.



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