Thursday, June 30, 2005

nine little monkeys jumping on the bed

My class has dwindled down to ten students-- nine boys and one girl. Or, I should say, nine hyperactive hormonal bulldozing paper throwing shouting laughing sweating smelly boys. I don't mean to complain, but I think the summer school thing is catching up with me. They warned me about this. "First session is a breeze. Second session is a bitch," they said. They were right.

I'm guessing the trick to mellowing these wild monkeys is to push tons of work on them. When they are working (at record speed because everythingtheydoisreallyreallyfast) they are quiet. A tranquil calm settles over the room. Until one by one, like rupturing pimples, they spring back to life.

Not to mention that four of them are competing for this poor girl's attention. It's the second day and she's really annoyed. I heard one of them say, "Brianne, that's your name? Is that your real name? It rhymes with Liane. Lianne Lianne Lianne" while another punched one of his friends in his moment to shine. Cringe. "I'm sorry," I said to her. She smiled meekly in return.


Blogger Pigs said...

You must have missed my list of things to do over summer vacation. You weren't supposed to teach summer school, silly!

9:30 AM  

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