Tuesday, June 07, 2005

summer fun.

Tantrum over. The kid didn't show. But there's always tomorrow...

My class is chock-full of kids with low social studies skills. Many of them did not know there are seven continents and half thought Europe is a country. We discussed latitude and longitude, map legends, continents, peninsulas...basic atlas skills. Next we moved on to our mapping activity that involved me saying things like, "Japan. Where is Japan? Japan is east of China. Remember, never eat sour watermelon." It's a blast, really.

My goal when working with struggling kids is to encourage them to use their imagination and learn to think for themselves. I also want to instill confidence so that they feel comfortable answering a question or taking a giant leap forward and reading the text. I have lots of timid kids in my class who seem to have fallen through the cracks. It is, however, only the first day. I have yet to see their true colors.

One kid actually laughs at my sarcasm, which is thrown out in a series of mile-a-minute tangents. (The name madhatter is not a coincidence ). This kid is way above the rest of the kids and found himself in summer school thanks to pure laziness. At one point, when the class was searching for the equator and this kid looked ready to blow his head off from boredom, I started to laugh. I couldn't help it, I have a really evil sense of humor. "This is what you get for skipping," I said. "I didn't skip!" he protested. Then he grinned. "I just didn't do anything." From the back of the room a girl yelped, "The equator is on zero Ms! What do I write?" Slacker2005's eyes popped out and his head dropped to the desk. Silently, I laughed.


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..if only I could keep the laugh silent :P

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