Thursday, June 16, 2005

Too much information.

So, the doctor gave me lots of herbal vitamins to take. This morning I began gulping down the miracle pills, welcoming the homeopathic remedies into my body with zeal. I'm pretty desperate. But, by the fifth freaking horse pill I was growing weary. "Take three of these pills and one of those," I said to myself. And it was too late. I'd swallowed three of the digestive green pills when I was supposed to take one. Ugh.

I warned my class this morning, as I've gotten in the habit of telling them the ins and outs of my physical trauma. "I might have to make a run for it," I said. They wrinkled their noses and laughed. "But Ms, you can't even run. You might not make it to the restroom," one kid teased. I faked shock. "Oh no. This could get messy."

Luckily I've only rumbled today. I'm like an old truck, just rumbling away.


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