Wednesday, June 29, 2005

we've got a live one.

summer II started today. i've got a notorious kid from another school. i mentioned his name to another teacher and she replied, "whoa. i know that kid. i had him for two days and he threw trash at me. he's been pulled from classes kicking and screaming...he gets passed around a lot."

he's definitely testing me. he tried to sleep, relace his shoe, play with his phone, pick his nails... ANYTHING but the activity we were doing. of course, he is very deliberate in his actions and he's the only person off-task. he's really rude too. i tried to kill him with kindness but when he was relacing his shoe again i walked over very quietly and said, "look, this isn't going to work. now, i like you already (lies, all lies) and i think we can really get along. but i need you to focus on the assignment given to you. because this is summer school and it aint gonna fly. meaning, i'm not putting up with it and you'll be kicked out." after that, he started doing his work. it was a miracle.

however, during the course of the four hour day he called someone a wetback (a derogative term), told me to be quiet, and informed me as he was leaving that he'll "probably sleep tomorrow too."

psha. you'll be sleeping in your bed because i'm kicking your ass out. i have to put up with this shit during the year but it's summer school and you've been given numerous chances to get yourself together.

i was telling this to someone and he was like, "that's why i don't teach. i would hit children."


Blogger Megan said...

Wait, you don't hit the kids? ;)

5:28 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

that's what my bf would say whenever I told my school stories. his version of the first day of school:
-Introduce yourself to the class by saying, "Welcome to hell, b*tches"
-Slap the rude ones around
-Put the rest in headlocks
-Take them all on until you get taken down

sorry for the long comment
-Get fired before the day lets out

And during the first week of teaching (at Hell Middle), the male teacher across the hall flashed a switchblade/swiss army knife at one of the students, before slipping it back into his pocket. He got mad respect from the kids from then on.

1:51 PM  

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