Friday, July 01, 2005


it's partly, mostly, possibly all my fault. i can usually run my classroom with relative ease. i use humor and consistent expectations to manage discipline problems, albeit i'm not perfect at this and definitely have some years to reach my goal for behavior management (don't ask me to define the's just there). i admit that classroom management does not come easily to me. i'm a huge push-over and only this year did i realize that kids will not actually die if they don't get a drink of water or use the restroom, get their cellphone taken up, etc. this last school year i had much better management, so i know it's possible. in fact, in summer one i successfully implemented the "restroom use only during the break." but these crazy boys are another story. my defenses are weakening, stripped minute by minute until my stone fortification is merely a heap of rocks.

i say it's my fault because i've been putting up with lots of shit. i feel like that mom on desperate housewives who lets the kids roam around because she can't cope. i can't cope. i've seen more paperwads and paper airplanes, heard more stupid jokes and farting noises than i can bear. i can't turn my back for one minute. literally. i was drawing this huge map of africa for our project and i looked up to find one boy taping another boy to the chair (i actually wanted to laugh and then i remembered i'm the teacher and this was going on in my classroom). if i turn to write something on the board an airplane sails across the room. and i just don't have the energy to deal with it. it's fucking hot, it's summer, and my room smells like ass because they're tarring the roof next to my window. those are my excuses.

but things are gonna change in madhatter's room. oh yes. i'm tired of babysitting ten year olds and i'm taking the stance as exhibited in mary's comment, which was quite hilarious. i talked with the assistant principal and i'm calling parents. i feel as though i should warn them about the impending regulation because i think i've dropped the ball too. i'm slowly concocting my speech. i'd love for it to begin:

welcome to hell, bitches.


Blogger Mary said...

Well, the thanks should go to my bf, who is more able to throw logic (and career) to the wind (and not have it bounce back in his face).

Your experience sounds similar to my own. I thought I was being a hard ass, but in fact I was often times being a pushover. I would say something emphatically four or five times, and every now and then would give into the insanity. I laughed with them probably too much, but it got me through the year.

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