Friday, July 08, 2005

summer fun

So things came to a head today. We had been doing better, my little hellions and I. Until Curly threw a pencil across the room at Larry and hit him in the head. This pissed me off. See, Curly doesn't mean to be destructive, impossible, and annoying. He simply doesn't think before he acts or speaks. He's got a good heart, despite the self-absorbed and immature lining. At this point, I sent him out of the room. "OUT!"I shouted. "I will meet you in the hall!" Curly is pretty good at looking contrite and he walked out with his tail between his legs.

At this juncture the Assistant Principal happened to be walking by. As I opened the door to speak with Curly ,I saw the AP before me, a beacon of All That Is Good In the World. I explained to him why Curly was in the hall and happened to list off the several other things Curly had done, such as throwing a pair of kid scissors and tape, destroying classroom supplies, and rolling around on a chair that he stole during the break (he swears the hall monitor let him have it and, sadly, he could be right). Nothing terrible, except for the scissors, but irritating nonetheless. "He's a good kid, he's just making bad decisions. He's not using his head," I said. (Using his head...I've officially become a teacher. Those are Teacher Words). So Curly got Strike One in the old Summer School principal's book. Apparently Curly gets three strikes, which I think is a little lenient for summer school. But whatev. I'm the one letting him get away with stupid shit all day.

I turned to follow Curly back into the classroom to see Mo and Shemp (the fourth stooge, respectively) pretending to box. I wasn't in the mood and so I turned back around called for the AP. Mo and Shemp were sent out.

So the AP comes back a few minutes later and informs me that both Mo and Shemp are SpEd kids who can use tutoring with the resident SpEd teacher in the library. In fact, I'm running a virtual self-contained classroom because most of my young boys are SpEd. This left me with mixed feelings.

For one, I don't want the SpEd tutor to be considered punishment. But my resounding feeling is disappointment in myself. I've always prided myself on working well with SpEd kids. I feel bad that I've let them get "the best of me." Maybe I don't work that well with them. Maybe I'm too nice. Maybe kids just run over me. Maybe I'm a bad teacher.

I try to remind myself that it's summer and I know I've been more lenient. I'm also going through a rough time personally and I don't have the energy that I might have otherwise. And the curriculum. The curriculum is terrible, in my opinion. It's this mapping curriculum that is good for the first four hours, but 15 days, four hours a day of mapping is really boring. And the mapping is so easy that the kids finish at lightening speed. So I have to substitute lots of projects and such, which I don't mind doing. But there's no flow. I like flow.

On another note, I received my check for Summer I yesterday. It helped the chaos go down.


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Be tough with them.

Don't let the Stooges get you down!

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