Thursday, July 07, 2005

too many hormones, not enough teachers

today i jokingly told my kids they're making me want to have a hysterectomy. then we had to discuss the uterus. then a kid said that the uterus is gross because women have cycles. i told him he wouldn't be here if it weren't for his mom's cycle. then he said, "my mom had a cycle but i was a sperm that took the place of the egg." LOL. "no honey," i said, stifling a grin, "you are the combination of the sperm and the egg."

i will now marvel at how my severely hyperactive students read an entire page in under three seconds. they were assigned an illustrated timeline that required--gasp!--reading. the scene sounded a little like this:

"Ms, who is Martin Luther?"
(Teacher frowns because Martin Luther is on the first page of the section, in bold, with a BIGASS picture right next to his name)
"It's on page 498."
"I don't see it."
"You haven't looked."
"Yes I did."
"I'm ignoring you."
"Idiot (substitution for real name for blog purposes only), I'm always here to guide you when you need direction. But you haven't even started the course, meaning: You aren't reading and I'm not doing your work for you."
"But I did."
"Okay. Fine. I'll read."

i think you have to be a teacher to appreciate these moments. or a little wacked out. luckily, i am both.


Blogger Pigs said...

That one made me giggle. Classic.

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