Wednesday, August 03, 2005

preparation and procrastination

i have extra time this year to go up to school and prepare my classroom. but i don't really know what to prepare. i need to order some posters from and cover my bulletin boards in butcher paper, but otherwise my preparation does not necessitate my presence in the classroom. i hear teachers complain about how they only get a day of preparation in their room but i don't understand why they need more than eight hours in their classroom. i'm genuinely perplexed about this. i can understand my elementary or even middle school friends who need a ton more time. but i feel like i'm missing something. how much copying do they need to do before the first day? on the first day i hand out my syllabus, expectations, and a learning styles quiz, if we get to it. we play some getting to know you games and then we begin. i'm so puzzled about this preparation thing. the sad part is that i go up to school and end up sitting around in my room because i feel like i'm supposed to be there, even though everything is set up. god i'm a geek.

the real preparation involves me reading the textbook. have i done that? sorry friends. even the public shaming couldn't get my lazy ass off the couch. i'm going to the beach on friday and i sure as hell aint reading down there. in fact, i'm blogging because i don't want to read. amazing, huh?

maybe i'll go back to crapmart and get more fabric to cover my boards. i found this really bright fabric with little circles all over it to go under the posted classroom expectations, the school dress code, etc. i think it actually might be a little too crazy. i joked with a friend that i'll be able to tell if the kids are on acid because they'll go crazy when they look at it.

well, i'd read but now i have to go watch hustle and flow. i want to see what all the hype is about.

*editor's note: upon reading other blogs, madhatter realized that curriculum planning takes way more time than she remembered. it seems madhatter was lost in her vacation cloud and unwilling to come back to earth. in fact, she will remain in the sky until at least sunday.


Blogger Mary said...

Well, going to the beach may be better preparation than making bulletin boards.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Pigs said...

LOL...I love your editor's note.

2:19 PM  

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