Thursday, September 01, 2005

dark clouds

this year smells of funk and discontented teachers. we don't have our textbooks yet. i'm supposed to get them next week, the fourth week of school. the district is struggling over teacher pay and the issue of school finance is going to the state supreme court. something is off. teachers are murmuring that things do not feel right.

i'm also feeling funky because of the situation in the gulf area. it's devastating. i've been donating but it's not enough. it's just not enough.

my kids have relatives that are stuck in attics, relatives their families can't locate. we talk about the hurricane carefully.

i'll give my update on the colony projects later. they went pretty well. i graded them and hung them in the hall. kids absolutely love to see their work up, even those who pretend they don't care crane their necks to get a peek.


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Blogger leesepea said...

I love the kids' reactions to having their work on display! They ooh and ahhh and yes, even the ones who pretend not to care have to stop to take a look!

7:33 PM  

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