Saturday, September 24, 2005

muse then ramble

at a time when the new texas health books pose abstinence as the sole form of birth control and advise students to take a nap rather than engage in sexual endeavors, pregnancy is spreading like a virus around good ole Madhatter High. i've now counted eight girls from my first year who are pregnant. and that's merely from MY classes. not to say that a plethora of girls are pregnant, maybe it's just MY old kids. was it something i said?

my english teaching co-worker made fun of my small vocabulary the other day. she's right. my vocab used to be hella big, like really really big, and now it's small, like really really small. fo sho. i'm going to stop grading papers and start reading more.

i gave five detentions the other day. i feel torn about the detention issue, being that it's pretty juvenile for a junior but it's a half-step between a warning and a referral. at my school, you can't write too many referrals or you lose status. i only send referrals when a kid has threatened another kid or just won't stop doing something that's pissing me off. sometimes when you send a referral they send the kid back with a note that says, "Did you contact the parent?," which really helps maintain the power relationship between you and the student. anyway, the detention situation has brought to light a new annoying response. i have lots of vocal boys in my classes this year. i've had to talk to one kid about the sexually harassing remarks he directed at me because he was creeping my shit out. a few other boys in another class just love to retort to my warning of detention with "do you promise? we get to eat with you? okay," and so on. i thought i'd squashed that comeback until it popped up in another class. yet again, "okay, is it a date?" what the fuck? it's not like i'm the sexy teacher, bent over in front of the class or wearing a low-cut shirt. i mean, i can see the humor in the joke but it's still inappropriate. and it's spreading. i guess i'm going to have pull out my can of BITCH in order to put this under wraps. i'm really too nice, albeit a bit sarcastic, and my students have informed me time and time again that my niceness is both a good and bad thing. or, shall i say, it's beneficial yet detrimental?

p.s. teaching about the federalist and democratic-republican parties is boring. i mean, i can get into it because i'm a history geek but, honestly, i feel compassion for my students. i'm so glad we're moving on...toward the civil war and beyond...


Blogger graycie said...

I've noticed the same sort of thing from a few of the boys-- usually juniors. Not from my freshmen. I'm an old lady teacher, so they are trying to creep me out. It's working, but I will never let them know it. Usually a heartfelt, "Eew, yuck!" said with humor takes care of it. Do't dwell -- just put'em down and move on.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

Wow, you sexy teacher! It's been so long since I've taught high school, I'd forgotten that the boys get like that. I had one student ask me how old I was when I'd lost my virginity. God, I love working with adults now.

I need to crack open a book too, one that doesn't dumb down the English language for my ESL students. My vocabulary has really shrunk, too.

This is the kind of post that makes me keep coming back for more. You have such a great sense of humor. Hang in there MH!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

I try to use a lot of vocabulary words with my students, though I usually translate myself. But then again, my situation couldn't be more opposite than yours... a private, all-girls school... most of the girls are respectful, and we don't have detention, we have non-coercive discipline... not that it works perfectly...

Hang in there! I know what you're going through!

6:27 PM  

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