Monday, September 19, 2005


seriously, my kids are freaking out. "man, you trippin ms!" "ms, why you workin us so hard?" let me make it clear that i'm not a slave driver. it's laughable, really. i simply give them something to read and expect them to show their comprehension through notes or hand-outs or journals. it's not rocket science.

"high school is getting harder and harder," my third period students argued today. my eyes grew round and my mouth dropped. are you fucking kidding me? yeah, note taking is really difficult. the fact that my regular kids feel like i'm "trippin" conveys the lack of rigor in "regular" classrooms. rigor, though, can be very difficult when your kids don't care if they pass (summer school rocks) and you're held accountable for your passing rate. i don't blame teachers entirely. the system is fucked.

so tomorrow i'm going to lecture so that my little cupcakes can get a break from reading. today two of my less-than-literate boys stopped twenty minutes into the period and shook their heads. "my brain hurts ms," one said. "i gotta stop." "tony, your brain is like a muscle. you have to work it. you know how it's really difficult to lift weights in the beginning but your muscles grow stronger? that's how your mind works. it's difficult for you to read for a long time because you never do. but by the end of the year, this will be a piece of cake." i know i basically insinuated that the brain is a muscle but i don't care. it was good comeback and i seemed to spark hope in his exhausted mind.


Blogger Polski3 said...

Poor babies..... give them an unemployment application to fill out for something that might be in their future history.....

5:33 PM  
Anonymous emc said...

This is so's sad that these kids think that what they do is rigorous. But it take someone like you to go, "I ain' trippin' foo, you be trippin' not get readin'." I knew many kids like this when I was going to high school. I wish the mentality of most mexican-american kids would change...keep at it!

10:06 PM  

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