Saturday, October 08, 2005


last night i slept for nine hours. i feel better. sleep deprivation was a primary culprit in my case of crankiness.

i'm realizing that i was subconsciously, or perhaps consciously, assuming that my darlings from last year would suddenly know how to write coherent paragraphs and study for exams once they became juniors. i know. i laugh at myself as well.

it's pretty sad though. i'm going to provide scaffolding (did you like that ed term?) to help them become better writers during the first semester, and, supposedly, they will write paragraphs (which will become short essays) in the second semester. this is a task other regular history teachers have not bitten into because it does seem daunting. in fact, someone laughed at me when i talked about this crazy plan of mine.

my kids are obsessed with the southsiiide! in fact, during our discussion of southern succession one of my darlings said, "hey, the north won? are you serious man?" despite wanting to bang my head against the wall i said, "very serious." he said, "whaat? why did the north have to win? i'm southside all the way!" this child is black. i said, "honey, it really benefits everyone that the south didn't win. because we don't have slavery anymore." my entire class was looking at him like, "um...we covered this fourteen million years ago, where were you?" but then my darling shook his head vigorously and pumped his fist, saying "southsiide! i would rather be enslaved in the south than be part of the northsiiide." that got some kids going. my mouth fell open. but honestly, i don't think he was serious. they get pretty territorial and lose all rationale. it's like when the hurricane kids came to our city and some kids were talking smack, "they better not come up here representin!" can you believe that? i chewed some student ass for that one. ah, kids these days.

a cold front came in. it's like 50 degrees. burrr.


Blogger Pigs said...

Kids are freaks! But they make for a funny story....heee.

6:37 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

You still hanging in there?

10:52 AM  

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