Tuesday, November 08, 2005


today i "scaffolded" in a way i never thought would happen in my classroom. we made flashcards.

my kids have a test on thursday, a rather big test. it involves 40 terms and people that will be tested through multiple choice, short answers, and an essay. i know they can handle this. the quantity of terms however, was a little intimidating so i offered extra credit on the test if my students made flash cards. during the course of first period i realized, as my little demons were plugging away, that this flashcard business was gonna take some time. and because i'm determined to prove that flashcards can help one learn, i pushed back the test until thursday. i never thought i'd have to use class time in a junior level course to make flashcards. i mean, really. but um, see, my kids...will FAIL if i don't teach them how to study. and in the future i'm going to give the terms for the flashcards ahead of time (to be done as homework) but i didn't plan that far ahead. madhatter be busy in her off time, yo, and i didn't make the review until last night. so yeah. we flashcarded it. i'll be interested to see the results.

on a completely different note... i've been thinking about this kid today. i had an infamous student in my class last year, one who was routinely kicked out of classes. we had a bond and, although he's a pretty difficult kid, we worked together and got him through history. so, he's in another class this year and he's failing. i talked to the drop-out intervention specialist and she recommended we move him into my class. and here i sit at the cross-roads.

my first year i would have gladly accepted him. my heart was bleeding into my brain and i couldn't use rational thought to save my life. my second year i accepted kids who were difficult, worked with them, and watched them wear me down even as i loved them. so my problem is that the class this kid will enter is my WORST class. it's the class with the crazies and the class with the horrible kid who cussed me out for no reason on friday and the class where i have hormonal boys jumping off the wall and who's parents can't seem to control them. i'm afraid to put the kid in this period. i don't know if he'll actually thrive. i don't know if i can handle it. i don't know if i'm being realistic or selfish.

i can't "read" my gut reaction either. my intuition is all fucked up because i really love this child but i'm so worn down by my class. then again, i don't know if this kid even wants to be in my class. he could have friends in that class and may be offended if i take him out.

i just don't want him to drop out.


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