Wednesday, May 18, 2005


My local news service receives an F to the highest power. They're newest schtick is to send a stranger into a school to see if the school "cares enough" to catch the stranger before he commits an "atrocity" on the campus.


I'm so tired. I've been teaching with crutches and a caste since February. I just found out that I will need my cast for a least two more months. It sucks. It's exhausting. I'm at a loss.


I'm going to miss my kids. They have been driving me crazy but cracking me up in the past few days. They say some of the funniest things. I wish I could fit Danielle into a small bottle and send her your way so you can hear her raucous laughter. She's all personality... which is why she needs make an 85 on the final to pass for the year. I've been giving lots of motivational speeches this week. Call me Coach Hatter.

At the same time, my kids are draining me of every single drop of emotion. I'll be sucked dry and parched by next week. I need to learn to detach and let go. Which is a very difficult lesson to learn.


After reading one of A Contar's recent blogs, I began to think about blogging. Blogging is strange. I write as though someone out there is reading my blogs, but I'm always shocked when people comment. Is someone really reading this? A Contar also introduced me to, which is FREAKING MY SHIT OUT. Do I need to start blogging about interesting shit, or mind my Ps and Qs? As Monique would say: Uh, hell to tha NO!

I'm a very opinionated person but I don't share lots of personal stuff on the web. (Did I mentioned I'm paranoid?) I try not to write about co-workers, even if they piss me off. I'm a strong believer in professionalism and I don't gossip at work. But I'm just scared to gossip or rant on the internet. (Note: this is in no way passing judgement on those who do talk about their co-workers. In fact, your blogs are more interesting to read. lol). I'm rambling about stupid shit. And that brings me to my third thought for the night: communication. I started blogging because no one would listen to me rant about my day. I had no teacher friends (only one in the process of becoming a teacher) and I was desperate for communication with the teacher world. It's been nice and affirming. I'm wasn't looking for lesson plans, more like commradary. Lord knows you need it in this job.

God. I have a litany of teen slang running through my head. Words race through my brain while I sit on my couch, faces popping up every once in a while. It's like they haunt you....

Monday, May 16, 2005

let's review

This week my classes are reviewing for finals. I give them a written review and play a game on the last day. Is anyone willing to pay me a dollar for every time I say It's in your book? Because I could seriously retire on that money.

p.s. Other ways I direct kids to their textbook:

"Heard of an index?"
"See that thing that's green and kind of heavy? Yes..that thing! Look in there."
"Oh sure, it's on page 230934094."
"I'm sorry. Did I stamp (insert textbook title here) on my forehead? I could have sworn I'm a human being."
"I don't know. Maybe if you think hard enough the answer will come to you. Of course, you could always consult your book."

And my most used, "I don't know. What do you think? might you find that answer?" (it's much more tame than the others).

It's not that I'm a cold hearted bitch. My kids are freaking lazy and think I'm an encyclopedia.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Sometimes I wonder if there is a future in teaching. My dad says,"There will always be a need for teachers!" but I don't feel the job security. I'm tired of the public attacking teachers. I don't like that my job stipulations and payroll are contingent on politician's whims. I don't like that there isn't much of a job latter. The thing is, I love teaching and I can't see myself doing anything else. But sometimes I wish I could be content with a cubicle and an 9-5 schedule.