Friday, June 24, 2005

my oh my...

where has summer gone? it's almost july. here's a little tip from your pal MH: if you want your summer to fly by, teach summer school. you'll be surprised summer school can hit so hard.

on a more perplexing and disturbing note: we had time to kill after the final so i popped in the last emperor after a small preface. we'd been watching for a while and i stopped the tape to see what my kids thought and to make sure they weren't confused. the first question:

ms, why do all asian people look the same?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

help me, help me!

i read too much crap on the web. i need a good book. i have trouble finding fiction books that sustain my interest. i read lots of non-fiction but when it comes to fiction i'm a notorious half-book reader. any suggestions?

p.s. did anyone else find the red tent boring? i seem to be the only person on earth who didn't like that book.

p.p.s i think i'm finally going to try to read the house of spirits, by isabel allende.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

say what

One of my students told me I remind him of Ms. Frizzle. My foot is getting better and this means the charades have recommenced. The twirling and flailing accompanies my lectures. But only when other adults aren't present. That would be highly embarrassing.

Wait. I still can't believe he said I remind him of Ms. Frizzle. I don't know if that's good or bad.

Today I taped paper towels around my upper arms. My short sleeved shirt was not providing protection from the indoor blizzard (aka the air conditioning) and I decided to tape something to my arms to increase warmth. The towels ripped off. My students really think I'm wacked out now. I'm blaming it on the summer heat (which causes me to go insane in general).

I also gave one of my students an alternate name for when she's being impossible, which is frequent. For example, if her name is Rose, I call her Rosalind when she's acting crazy. She's a very, very difficult student and I'm very, very glad she won't be taking second semester. Yesterday, this monstrosity slipped from her lips, "Ms, I'm gonna take you next year for your elective." I can't fake it for a whole semester. God. I sound really bitchy. But you have to meet her. She's the definition of oppositional defiant.

She's too hot to handle and too cold to hold.

Monday, June 20, 2005



these are vocabulary words my students learned today. they are 15 and 16. these kids are not passing history because they have absolutely no vocabulary or history skills. they can't read charts and they can't define meadow. next year, i think my students might write vocab sentences. it sounds elementary but their vocab is so low i feel this is the only way to ensure they learn related vocabulary. they can't understand the content until they know the words that construct it. nor are they passing the standardized tests that are saturated in difficult vocabulary.