Tuesday, August 16, 2005

welcome back

things i like about the first day of school:

  • seeing old students
  • meeting new ones
  • the hustle and bustle
  • dazed freshman (i have a wierd sense of humor)

things i dislike about the first day of school:

  • going over the syllabus and expectations.
  • small talk with kids. oh? three sisters? wow! are you the youngest?
  • confusion.
  • repeating myself. over and over again.
  • kids testing me.
  • the bell system is funky and the third period bell rings thirty minutes early. then we have to herd kids back in to class. have you ever tried to herd high school kids when they believe they are in the right? (na ah! the bell rang ms! you don't know what you're talking about! man this school is ghetto!)
  • feeling too tired to function like a real human being.

as you can tell, i'm not a huge fan of the first day. even when i have good ones like today.