Tuesday, February 07, 2006

from the horse's mouth

all of this talk about high school redesign is invigorating and exciting but the one thing that teachers need is unavailable: smaller class sizes. today i heard a snippet of conversation between three of my junior boys that reminded me that kids want smaller classes too. it went something like this:

Terrence: Yo, though, my bro, my bro is at this school where, you know, you got like small classes, like 15 kids in the classroom.
Brad: For real?
Terrence: Yeah, no, um, you know how, like, Ms. MH be all over the classroom helping all these kids and shit and you're screaming "MS! MS!" (exaggerated hand-wave emphasizes point) Well, this way you could have Ms. MH all to yo'self, youknowwhatI'msayin?
Michael: Yeah, for real, you wouldn't have to wait your turn.
Brad: So he's doing good there then?
Terrence: Yeah, he aiight. I mean, you know, he gots special attention. With only 12 kids in the class, I mean, it's tight personal. So he gonna graduate and everything.

On tha real.

Monday, February 06, 2006

i. heart. kids.

I gave an old student a referral for cussing and "insubordinate" (crazy) behavior. Usually I don't bother sending referrals down to the Taj Mahal because I get an email or a note back asking whether I've contacted the parent and urging me to feel compassion for the child. Yes, I contacted the parent. Surprise, the phone number was wrong. My kids are more nomadic than a Bedouin trader. But what really irritates me is the plea for my patience and compassion, because I obviously kicked the kid out of the room with my big black boot while shouting a litany of curse words at him. Please. I worry about the welfare of my kids all day long and I'd appreciate getting the benefit of the doubt in this department. Compassion is what I do best.

Other than that, things are going well... promise...